At this time of year, there are many ways that you and your family can become sick. Since there are many different types of infections circulating about, it is important to know exactly what you are suffering from so you can treat it in the most efficient way. Infections can range from a mild common cold all the way to a severe or life-threatening case of pneumonia. We want you to stay healthy all season, so check out our AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN team’s latest blog to better understand infections below. Read on →

Influenza can make you feel really sick. Even if you took all of the recommended precautions like getting your flu shot and avoiding anyone who is ill, there is always the chance that you will fall ill. If you do, your main focus should always be to take care of your body and rest so your body can work hard to help you feel better! Below our AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN team outlines the most common symptoms and some home remedies to help you feel your best. Read on →

If you have ever gotten sick from a viral or bacterial infection before, chances are that you have experienced a fever. While fevers can be unpleasant and make you feel really sick, they are actually a good thing! Our bodies are incredibly complex and are really good at taking care of us when we are ill. Fevers are just one of the ways that our bodies fight off illness. Read on as our AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN team explains how fevers help us overcome illness. Read on →

The arrival of the fall season signals the beginning of cold and flu season, and it is more important than ever to get your flu shot this year. While many people only experience mild symptoms from influenza, others can become very sick or be at a higher risk of suffering serious complications. We want you and your family to stay as healthy as possible this year, and we recommend everyone 6 months or older get vaccinated against the flu. Read on →

Anyone can experience headaches, including your children! Headaches are one of the most common conditions across all age groups, so there is no immediate cause for worry if your child comes to you complaining of head pain. However, there are some rare instances where head pain is indicative of a medical emergency. Our AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN team wants you to be equipped with the knowledge you need to notice these signs and symptoms, so read on! Read on →

Believe it or not, cold and flu season is here already! It feels like we just powered through the last one with our children, doesn’t it? Any time your babies or small children are sick it can be scary, especially if they start to exhibit some signs of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. RSV is particularly dangerous in the most vulnerable populations, and that certainly includes infants! Unfortunately RSV and the simple common cold can begin with similar symptoms, so it is crucial to know what warning signs to look out for that indicate RSV. Read on →

When antibiotics are used appropriately, they are a wonderful tool to reduce infection complications and death. This is especially true for more vulnerable populations, including the elderly! It is important to understand when antibiotics will be helpful— and when they aren’t. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN is filling in the details below. Why Can Infections Be More Dangerous As You Age? When your body starts to age, your immune system can change and become weaker. Read on →

If you have ever had vertigo, you know what that unpleasant spinning sensation feels like. Vertigo stems from an imbalance within your inner ear, and when your equilibrium is off, your entire world can shift and move before your eyes. Knowing what to expect during a flareup of vertigo can help you better manage your symptoms and stay ahead of any worsening conditions. Our crew at AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN explains what to watch out for during a vertigo attack below! Read on →

If you know that you have scoliosis, you were probably told at a younger age during an annual screening. Your spine is constructed out of interlocking vertebrae that support your body and promote movement. When your spine has scoliosis, the vertebrae take on an “S” or “C” shape instead of a vertical line. Most cases of scoliosis are mild and don’t require intensive intervention. Care is focused on symptom management and routine screening to watch for any progression. Read on →

If you suspect you may have an STD, you are not alone. STDs are actually incredibly common in the United States, affecting one in five American adults. Getting tested is incredibly important to catch any issues before they become more serious. Knowing if you are infected can help you prevent the spread to another person as well. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN will treat you with the utmost respect and can help you get to the root of your issue. Read on →