How Can I Keep My Heart Healthy?

It’s safe to say that we all know the importance of a healthy heart. The heart is what keeps a body working properly and what keeps us alive.

Did you know? About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year—that’s one in every four deaths. So, what can we do to keep our hearts healthy and decrease our risk of heart disease? Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN explains.

How Does My Lifestyle Affect My Heart Health?

Experts say that about 80% of serious diseases, such as medical conditions like heart disease and cancer, are driven by lifestyle factors like diet and exercise.

When you eat poorly and don’t exercise, your health will suffer and your risk of heart disease will increase. On the flip side, however, healthy eating and frequent exercise will decrease your risk of heart disease. In addition to diet and exercise, we’ve listed some other important lifestyle factors that have a positive impact on cardiovascular health below.

Other Ways to Boost Heart Health

  • Get enough sleep by shooting for seven to nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Try mindfulness, meditation and gratitude to relieve stress and improve your physical and mental health.
  • Stay socially connected. Even when physical distancing is the norm, virtual connections can be transformative.

What Should I Do If My Heart Is Still Unhealthy?

If you have a healthy lifestyle full of lots of sleep, a good diet and an adequate amount of exercise and you are still showing signs of an unhealthy heart, then it might be time to seek medical attention.

If you experience a combination of any of the below-mentioned symptoms, it’s important you or your caregiver calls a health professional to get the help you need.

Signs of Poor Cardiovascular Health

  • Aching in the shoulder and chest
  • Snoring and sleeping problems
  • Difficulty with sexual function
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Soreness in the gums and jaw

If you are experiencing extreme pain in your chest or shooting pain down your arms, call 911 immediately as you might be experiencing a heart attack. For non-emergency medical needs, AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN is here for you!