How Much Better Is Reading Than Looking at My Phone?

So much better!

Reading is a lost art in today’s day and age, so choosing a good book over mindlessly scrolling through your phone can provide many benefits. Don’t believe us?

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN proves it below.

Why Is Looking at My Phone a Bad Thing?

It can be hard to not stare at your phone all day with all the applications and types of entertainment available. Experts say that too much phone usage, though, can have lots of negative effects on your mental health.

According to recent studies, more than two hours of screen time a day can impair brain function and can cause mood swings. It’s also especially important to control screen time among children because their brains undergo so much change during their formative years.

Other Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time

  • Can cause obesity
  • Can cause problems with self-image
  • Causes strain on the eyes

Why Is Reading a Book a Good Thing?

With everything going digital, our eyes are looking into more blue-light than ever before. Reading a real, physical book with real ink on it can do so many great things for our minds.

Not only does reading increase our vocabulary, but it can improve creativity and can help us sleep at night as well. Reading in sufficient light during the evening helps ease stress, puts you in another world and eases your mind so you can sleep. Reading can also broaden your perspective and increase empathy for other people. Try picking up a book instead of your phone today!

Other Benefits of Reading

  • Alleviates depression
  • Prevents cognitive decline
  • Can help you live longer

Do you feel like your eyes are overly strained because of too much screen time? Visit AFC Urgent Care Athens, TN today and we can get you the care you need.